Frequently asked questions

What is a Chido Digital Twin?

A Chido Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a property or environment. These are spaces created to provide you with an accurate digital re-creation of a real-world space. Chido Digital Twins prioritize exploration, immersion, and spatial communication to replicate in-person interactions and emotions.

What is the Chido Platform?

The Chido Platform is your virtual sales office. Through the Chido Platform, you can schedule meetings within Chido Digital Twins, qualify sales leads, and personalize your entire sales process. The Chido Platform makes any Chido Digital Twin accessible from anywhere.

Why should I use Chido?

People have a hard time understanding, or visualizing, 3D environments before they exist. Chido leverages game technology to communicate space in real estate. The Chido Platform allows for limitless interaction with customers from anywhere. By using Chido, companies and professionals can sell faster, reduce static costs, and live freely inside of the most valuable real estate: a client's dreams.

How do I work with Chido?

We can't wait to hear about your property! If you are interested in learning how Chido can revolutionize your next project, a member of our sales team would be happy to connect with you.
Please refer to our contact page.